About GameTopsellers

Ever since garry tools closed down their service to follow how a game is performing on steam I missed the feature.

So my intention with this webpage is to more easy be able to see how a game is performing at the steam global top seller list.

The website are not affiliated with Steam, Valve or any of their partners in any way.

How it works

Data are gathered from different sources and are mainly taken from the steam global top seller list and the steam store api. All the games that are listed at the website have been one out of hundred on steam global top sellers lists at least one time since we started gathering data. The data has been collected since 29th of April 2018 so before that time there are no data points.

We are updating the data every hour but it might be losses of data points sometimes, all the times shown at the site is in UTC. If a game that have been tracked are outside the top hundred list at a given time it will be not be drawn in the graph. That’s why the graphs might contain empty spaces sometimes.

Privacy policy

You can find gametopsellers privacy policy here

Suggestions and bugs

If you have suggestions of new features to the website or have found a bug I would be happy to hear from you. You can contact me here!


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